There are many industries that sell many products to many companies. Some of these industries include:


Office Products 

Building Materials 

Janitorial Supplies 

Automotive Aftermarket

Food and Drink 

Electrical Supplies


Paper & Packaging

Industrial Supplies

Medical Supplies

High volume, ‘repeat-sell’ consumable products……..


They all share this common goal:

 Maximize sales to existing customers through deeper product
 penetration, and do it more profitably.


Whether or  not you need a full comprehensive solution, or are just missing a key piece of software for success, CRM International can help you reach your goals.

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The CRM Solution

SugarCRM is one of the most widely used CRM software programs in use today.

They have established themselves as a front-runner in the industry due to the ability for customization and excellent sales process.

The BI Solution

Sales-i has been established as one of the premier business intelligence reporting solutions on the market today.

They integrate with numerous back-end software to give you a single point to view and forecast across multiple product lines with ease.

The MA Solution

Act-On has proven themselves to be one of the most affordable, yet powerful marketing automation solutions available.

They have struck a balance between ease of use, affordability and versatility which has taken this industry by surprise.



Though Powerful on their own, these complementary programs excel when used together to drive powerful outbound and inbound processes.

Our integrated solution provides you with a virtual salesperson who will engage and nurture your existing customers while also sending more qualified leads to your sales team.

How does it work?

Selling more to existing customers is about taking action on business intelligence. Our technology suite does this by syncing sales-i business intelligence with Act-On Marketing Automation, and SugarCRM for sales person follow up.

Here is an example of some of the power contained in this integrated solution:  

  • Customer information is refreshed daily from your ERP to sales-i business intelligence. Your sales people and sales and marketing management see granular graphical and linear reporting of product sales history and levels of profitability.
  • This information is also visible from within the SugarCRM customer record for the sales person to use within the customer sales process.
  • Customers are automatically placed into nurturing campaigns in Act-On Marketing Automation to drive more business from missing product areas, while driving increased profitability.
  • As a campaign example, once a customer shows interest by viewing 4 related web pages on the product, or opening a number of nurturing emails, the salesperson is alerted to follow up and close the business.

This solution isn’t just about selling more products, and selling them more profitably to existing customers.

It's also about finding and developing more new customers and optimizing your website to draw more visitors.  Act-On software tracks the visitor activity and responds with inbound automated lead generation processes that includes information for follow up in SugarCRM.

The best part is all of this runs in the background!  Once the content is in place it will work around the clock on any and all leads or customers who enter the sales funnel!

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