SSI Distribution Software Now Integrates With SugarCRM To Provide A Powerful Competitive Solution For Dealers

Account Information

  • Sync account data such as sales, AR, and last order date
  • Trigger automated processes based on account updates
  • Send alerts when customers start or stop buying



Invoice History

  • Sync invoice history such as item number, description, UM, quantity, sales price, and category
  • Create business reviews to identify opportunities such as categories not purchased
  • Trigger automated marketing campaigns based on activity

Sales, Marketing, and Service Alignment

  • Sales can view activity to have more focused and relevant conversations
  • Marketing can see lead conversion rates to measure campaign ROI
  • Service can respond to issues faster and more appropriately based activity and previous interactions

Increased CRM User Adoption

  • Salespeople have customer buying and service history at their immediate access while engaging them in the sales process

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